Calling All Musicians

✨ Have you been thinking about starting a private music studio but don’t know where to start?

✨ Have you been trying to grow your studio for awhile but it just isn’t picking up any momentum?

✨ Have you been teaching for a few years now and want a little inspiration?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Build Your Studio Bootcamp is the solution for you…and best of all, its FREE!

What we cover 

Day 1

How to identify and find your exact ideal students and know exactly where to find them. 

Day 2

How to actually start bringing them into your studio THIS WEEK

Day 3

How to leverage social media to grow a WAITLIST of students so you never have to worry about inconsistent income ever again.

Hi, I'm Tonya

I'm a professional freelance musician and college professor turned SEO expert. I spent years doing everything you're supposed to do and landed my dream job working at a university.  Then I discovered it wasn't my jam. 

Now I help other musicians grow their own private music studios WITHOUT making all of the mistakes I did when I was first starting out.

Don't take it from me...

So much has improved since I began working with Tonya. 

I have more students in my studio, my lesson plans have been more robust, and most importantly, I’ve seen great progress from every single student of mine!  I’ve even become more savvy with my tax write-offs and saved hundreds of dollars during tax season, plus I finally began putting money away in a Roth IRA. None of this would have happened as quickly without Tonya!"

Billy - trombone teacher

Her enthusiasm is infectious!!

I’ve been a professional gigging and touring guitar player for 40 years. I saw Dr. Lawson on Instagram offering a course on how to get started teaching. Especially during covid, when gigs are still being canceled left and right, I saw her course as a great opportunity for me to create more income as a guitar teacher! Her enthusiasm is infectious!!

Stephen  - professional Guitarist