Calling All Musicians:

What if… 

  • You could build out passive income streams that can generate income while you sleep
  • You had the fundamental strategy & structure to actually create passive income this year
  • You were able to turn what you’re already doing into passive income streams just by WORKING AS A MUSICIAN?

Well...YOU CAN.


PIA is not just any passive income course.  It's an in-depth, work at your own pace, coaching program designed to teach you how to make money beyond private lessons WITHOUT having to constantly promote or spend 24/7 on social media.

Whether you're an established pro looking to gain more flexibility in your schedule by generating consistent passive income or you’re early in your musical career looking to set yourself up for sustainability right off the bat, Passive Income Academy builds out actually passive income streams by leveraging SEO so you can finally start making consistent income just by being a musician.

Who's It For?

✔️ Classical musicians looking to be able to create multiple passive income streams in their business so they have consistent income coming in for months down the road that doesn't rely on gigs that fluctuate constantly.

✔️ Professional musicians working non-stop, and still struggling to pay bills as you piecemeal together a bunch of jobs that leave you drained.

✔️ Musicians who want to make being a musician the CORNERSTONE of your work while phasing out of an insane teaching schedule, low-paying gigs, or even that day job.

Let me guess…

You have tons of ideas...but you're terrified to commit your time to them because you're not sure if it'll pay all your bills, and you don't want to end up working so hard that you start hating the thing you once loved

You’re sick and tired of saying yes before you even have time to think about it because you never know when you’re next paycheck will come in

You dread the summers because you know that is the time of year the income roller coaster is guaranteed to drop…all the while daydreaming about actually having the time and money to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about. 

I want you to know you’re not alone. I was here, too…for years.

So how did I finally get out of this cycle?

Hey There!  I’m Tonya

I'm a professional freelance musician and college professor turned SEO guru. I spent years trying to get that university job (that didn’t turn out to be what I thought it would).

I got a Doctorate degree in clarinet performance. I played a ton of auditions and too many gigs and jobs to count. I ran a huge private music studio (and still do)!  I did all the stuff you're supposed to do as a musician  (and then some, because let's face it, I'm an overachiever). And while it looked totally awesome from the outside…I was still barely getting by financially. And maybe you’ve been here, too?

The thing is…in college they don’t teach you how to make shit happen and CREATE paid opportunities for yourself. And, spoiler alert: just being a good musician is not enough anymore. Oh, you're an amazing flute player? You are a freaking violin virtuoso? Get in line, my friend.

Then I did something that surprised even me….

I had a good-sized private studio on the side so I quit my university job.  I took the extra time I had and used it to brainstorm ways to replace that income and I invested in learning everything I could about SEO.

And after a year or so, I had TWO websites that were starting to bring in a passive income. 

Then I took it a step further and started working with other professional musicians!  I built a business where I’m EXCITED to wake up each day to inspire, motivate, and coach musicians like YOU to build the life you want...virtually.

How it works...

Passive Income for Musicians is a go at your own pace journey through a series of modules delivered in written and video format. Even though the program can be completed in only 8 weeks, you have access for life. This allows you to go at your own pace while you interact with other musicians who are on the same path. 

You can also count on personal feedback from me in the exclusive private facebook group and bi-monthly group coaching calls as you work through assignments designed to build out your own passive income streams from top to bottom. I will personally guide you in thinking through what it takes to take get your content found on google - so you can start earning money while you sleep.

And the good news is, once you are part of the community, you will always be part of the fam!

Pay in Full $997

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Let's get started!

12 Monthly Payments of $89

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Let's get started!