A course designed to walk you through a proven marketing system that will grow your studio to waitlist status WITHOUT working 24/7!

Are you tired of hearing your peers talk about their busy teaching schedule while you're still struggling to get more than a handful of students?

What also doesn’t help is that they don't teach you this stuff in school...

Instead you hear things like

"Just put some flyers up..."

“You just have to get your name out there….” 

“If she can do it, so can you…” 

Here's the reality though...

                    ✓ Flyers are outdated and just won't cut it anymore.

                    ✓ You can't get your name out there when you don't even know where to start.

                    ✓ You can't build your teaching experience if you don't have any in the first place.

You Need A Proven Marketing Strategy That Will

There’s a BIG difference between learning how to find students VS. learning how to build a sustainable studio that lasts.

Imagine a course that is designed to help you ...

Nail down your niche - it's crystal clear and you've never been more excited to get started. So clear, actually, that finding students is a piece of cake. You're overflowing with ideas, and the best part is, the studio you're building is so aligned with your ideal student that people you have never heard of are calling you!

The results don’t stop there, though. Because you’re so aligned with their needs you quickly help them with playing problems they've had for years.  They're referring so many new students, you're booking lessons left and right - AKA you’ve reached waitlist status. I’ve seen it happen, over and over again.

Psst..this could be your reality.

I know you want to hit waitlist status, but the problem is you lack a proven system that will help get you there. This leaves you feeling frustrated, defeated, and overwhelmed. You send out email after email and are left feeling like you're throwing spaghetti at the wall...just hoping something finally sticks.

Even though you have a handful of students, the lack of consistency with how much work you’re putting in is starting to wear on you. Even after all those hours you put into recruiting, you still just can't seem to consistently get students.

I see you over there, wondering ‘‘What about summer.....will I actually be able to make rent without working a 9 to 5?"

I hear your inner skeptic saying no, but the honest truth is IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

In fact, that’s exactly why I’ve focused on a course that uses the same strategy that helped me build a studio from scratch, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!

Because, like you, I know what it’s like to wonder if you’re ever going to be able to grow a successful studio. Even worse… are you going to end up working in a bagel shop just to make rent?


Those are no longer things you have to worry about. You’re actually minutes away from experiencing the freedom and confidence that comes with having the tools to get yourself to WAITLIST STATUS!


What clients are saying...

"So much has improved since I began working with Tonya. I have more students in my studio, my lesson plans have been more robust, and most importantly, I’ve seen great progress from every single student of mine!  I’ve even become more savvy with my tax write-offs and saved hundreds of dollars during tax season, plus I finally began putting money away in a Roth IRA. None of this would have happened as quickly without Tonya!"


I’ve been a professional gigging and touring guitar player for 40 years. I saw Dr. Lawson on Instagram offering a course on how to get started teaching. Especially during covid, when gigs are still being canceled left and right, I saw her course as a great opportunity for me to create more income as a guitar teacher! Her enthusiasm is infectious!!


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  • Lifetime Access to the last Studio- Building Program You’ll Ever Need
  • Ongoing updates to ensure you’re always ‘in the know’ 
  • Access to my LIVE intimate group to get feedback on branding, recruiting ideas and everything else you need to hit WAITLIST STATUS!

Payment Plan

6 monthly payments of $89

  • Lifetime Access to the last Studio-Building Program You’ll Ever Need
  • Ongoing updates to ensure you’re always ‘in the know’ 
  • Access to my LIVE intimate group to get feedback on branding, recruiting ideas and everything else you need to hit WAITLIST STATUS!


“I already have a crazy schedule, how much time will this require?”

I totally get it. That’s exactly why I designed this course to be completely self-paced! The trainings are all pre-recorded and ready to go whenever you are. Once you enroll, I do recommend setting aside at least a few hours each week to go through lessons and begin implementing right away. This will help make sure you’re making consistent moves towards hitting Waitlist Status.

“How is this different than other Studio-Building programs”

I’m glad you asked! Most Studio-Building programs teach you things like how to find students, how to create studio policies, and how to design pretty social media posts. And yes, this program will teach you those things, too, but, it will show you how to do all of that from a more strategic place so you can build a SUSTAINABLE studio that will continue to bring you new students for years to come. But the part that sets this program apart is the final phase, where I hand over all of my marketing strategies that have helped me hit Waitlist Status year after year.

"I already have a good sized studio.  Will this course work for me?"

This course is designed for music teachers with a handful of students or those just starting out.  If you currently have a studio of 30+ students, this program is not designed for you.  A 1-on-1 program would be a better fit.

“Who is this program NOT for?”

If you’re looking for a one-on-one business coach and lots of hand-holding, this is not the program for you. While I do hand over lots of cheat sheets, templates, and workbooks, this program is for action-takers who are willing to get in there and do the work. We all know that there are no “easy” buttons in life and in business, and this is no exception. I have invested a lot of time and love into setting you up with every advantage possible, but at the end of the day, you can’t outsource your pushups. However, if you’re ready to dive in and make it happen, then I’m going to be here handing over every resource I can to help you make it happen! Ready to get this party started? Right this way!